Top 5 Ways for Counsellors to balance their sole practice

In most cases you probably didn't go into Counselling to make it rich, instead the motivation is in the helping of others. But its important to realise that it is a business and ensuring that it is profitable maximises your ability to continue to help others well. So what are some of the keys to running a successful Sole Practice?

1. Take control of your Calendar and Scheduling

On your Calendar, go in and lock off time for yourself or to spend with your family. You're under no obligation to explain to others what the time is used for. Ensure you and other relevant people know that no appointments should be set during these blocked calendar times.
Using a digital calendar, you can create recurring appointments for yourself. If you have children, you can add their practice schedules, their game or recital times, their parent/teacher conferences, field trips, or any other activities. Set aside weekly time with that special someone or schedule time to go to the gym or indulge in a favourite hobby. Here’s the key to making this work: you must actually treat those items as appointments. That’s not to say that you must be inflexible with your life. It’s more to make sure that you are taking time away from your work. Your mental health, your relationships, and your business are all worth it.

2. Embrace Flexibility

Although many Sole Practitioners keep a traditional schedule, being your own boss gives you a degree of flexibility. When it comes to spending more time with your friends and family (or even participating in your favourite activities), take advantage of being the boss. Go to that book fair with your child; go with your spouse or friends for a long lunch. You can always work a little later in the day or even come in a little earlier the next day. Learning to embrace the flexibility will help improve your work/life balance.

3. Use Time-Saving Tools

Look for easy ways to implement time-saving tools for your practice. One of the top reasons why people don’t take time for themselves is because they feel like they honestly don’t have it to take. One way to help you feel more comfortable taking time for yourself and your family is to use tools like Counselling Management Software solutions. Technology was designed to make your life easier. Learn it then embrace it to minimise admin and maximise client time. 

4. Go Tech Free Each Day

We’ve become increasingly connected by technology. This has been a major advancement in business, but it can also feel like a pair of electronic handcuffs. If possible, unplug for a little while each day. Maybe that time is when you first get up in the morning or maybe it’s when you head to the gym or Yoga classes. Turn off your mobile, the messages will all be there later.

5. Engage a Supervisor

As in all professions the counsellor needs to be constantly upgrading their knowledge and skills. There is ongoing development of psychotherapeutic techniques, strategies and models to learn and keep up to date with. A Supervisor also is there to help you ensuring you can debrief and remain healthy when managing the challenges of your caseload. 

JistiApp is a Sole Practitioners helping hand to manage all the admin and scheduling, case notes and Invoicing saving time and helping you help others. 
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