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More than just a calendar,
JistiApp is the new way to manage your business

what it does

Only what you need, nothing else

Powerful software that lets you work the way you want to

Easy Session Booking & Management

From the web or your smartphone, it’s so easy to manage sessions. Jisti’s simple, intuitive interface works the way you do, without getting in the way.

Case & Meeting Notes

Manage detailed Case Notes to enhance your client relationships and build your business. Enter your own or use an approved template.

Online Invoices & Payments

Easy invoicing, fast payment. Create and send invoices directly from Jisti, accept payments online with PayPal, Stripe, and more.

Client Management

Track client details, referrals and session history, make bookings easy, keep your clients happy.

Finance Management

Track expenses, without the stress. See who’s been billed, and when payment is due.

Powerful Business Insights

Simple but powerful reporting provides real-time visual insights to keep your business under control and ensure it stays healthy, plus Tax time just got easier.


Grow your business through automation

We’ve integrated with many industry solutions to make your business even better.

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Fully functional 14-day trial.  No credit card required

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Do better business and provide a better service to your clients.


Love your profession, appreciate your software

Do better business and provide a better service to your clients.

Manage calendar effectively

See empty slots at a glance, highlight overlaps and block time when you are unavailable.

Automated reminders (Email & SMS)

Minimize no-shows and increase attendance rates.
Competitive SMS pricing - just $0.15 / SMS (free to receive).

Free Support

Free instant online chat & ticketed support provided by humans.

Access Anywhere

Jisti is a modern cloud solution, it goes where you go and gives you access from any device.

Manage Detailed Case Notes

Jisti provides unique Case Notes capability. Enter your own or use an approved template.

Easy Reporting

Powerful reporting provides real-time visual insights to keep your business under control and ensure it stays healthy, plus Tax time just got easier.

Online Payments

Easy invoicing, branded as you, helps you get paid quicker. Create and send invoices directly from Jisti, accept payments online with Stripe, and more.

Highly Secure

We safeguard you AND your client’s data using the best available security technology.

No Contracts, exit any time

There are no lock in contracts, you can exit and take your data with you at any time.

How Much?

Simple pricing model

Run your business for about the price of one coffee per week.


  • Access to everything
  • Unlimited support
  • Billed monthly
  • Exit at any time
What People Say

Jisti is used by all sorts of professionals


John Durhan

JistiApp has saved me 100’s of $ I would’ve spent on software to run my business. It’s so simple, and I can run my business my way.

John Durhan

Supervision, Mentoring, Counselling
Jason Candy

JistiApp has saved me more than 16 hours every month so I have more time for the important things in life.

Jason Candy

Meredith Walker

JistiApp is the solution I have been waiting for. As a sole practitioner, I need to be part Salesperson, part Administrator, part Finance Manager, but mostly practitioner. I don’t want complex software that gets in the way. JistiApp is simple and it does everything I need.

Meredith Walker

Sheila Kazobo

I can see who’s booked a session, whether it’s been run, who’s paid and who hasn’t. It’s so easy to manage the financial side of my business more effectively.

Sheila Kazobo

Wilma Purvis

It’s important that my data and more importantly my client’s data is secure. Jisti is built with the highest security standards today.

Wilma Purvis

Supervision, Mentoring, Counselling
Alan Commins

Jisti helps me to run by sole practice more profitably and efficiently. The edge I gain over those who have to do everything manually allows me to stand out from the crowd.

Alan Commins

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